The machine is designed for slitting and rewinding different non-woven materials.

Slitter rewinder MRB-07
Materialnon-woven material, paper
Max. roll width on the unwind1200 mm
Max. roll diameter on the unwind1000 mm
Max. roll diameter on the rewind600 mm
Roll width on the rewind45-1200 mm
Inner diameter of roll on the unwind76/152 mm
Linear speedup to 60 m/min


The machine is designed for slitting and rewinding different non-woven materials and paper. Finished products: rolls of the required width and defined layer density. Application of rolls: cable production, tailoring, etc.

Machines options:

  • Fixation of the unwind roll to a removable pneumatic expansion shaft
  • Fixation of the rewind rolls to console pneumatic expansion shaft
  • Material length meter
  • Automatic machine stop under the set length
  • Diameter sensor for unwinding and winding
  • Automatic pneumatic disk brake system for unwinding
  • Sensors from accidental startup with loose unwind and rewind shafts
  • Automatic control of material tension
  • Automatic density control system
  • Slitting of material by disk knives
  • Touch screen on the control panel
  • Rewinding material on two shafts
  • Pneumatic guns for pumping unwind and rewind shafts


Roll width on the unwind, mm up to 1200
Diameter of the unwind roll, mm up to 1000
Inner diameter of unwind roll, mm 76/152
Minimal width of the tapes to be slittered, mm 45
Diameter of the rewind roll, mm up to 600
Inner diameter of rewind roll, mm 76
Rewind speed, m/min up to 60
Tolerance of the set diameter on the rewind, mm ±2
Tolerance of the set length on the rewind, m ±0,5
Noise level under the maximal speed, dBA less than 85
Maximal installed capacity, kW 5
Pneumatic pressure, MPa 0,55 - 0,6
Power supply 3 phase, 380 V, 5 Hz
Weight of machine excluding control box, kg 1900