Material roofing, PVC 1-2 mm
Max. roll width on the unwind, mm 1680
Max. roll diameter on the unwind, mm 1150
Max. roll diameter on the rewind, mm 250
Slitting method pressure
Roll width on the unwind, mm 76
Rewind speed, m/min up to 200
Control panel touch screen
Material tension automatic, controlled/disk brake system
Unwind and rewind diameter sensor +
Material length meter +
Cut edge +

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The machine is designed for slitting and rewinding of rolls into the rolls of smaller length and width.

Roll width on the unwind 500 - 1680 mm
Diameter of the unwind roll up to 1150 mm
Inner diameter of unwind rolls 76 mm
Max. diameter of the rewind roll 250 mm
Rewind speed up to 200 m/min
Pneumatic pressure 0,55 - 0,6 MPa