The machine is designed for shredding cardboard cores into the fraction with the size 10 - 50 mm. The obtained fraction undergoes pressing before transportation.

Feeding speed5 m/min
Min. length of the core400 mm
Outer diameter of the core80-180 mm
Max. wall thickness of the core20 mm


Shredders are designed for shredding cardboard cores with the different diameters. An operator presses the button "Start" on the control panel after that he turns on the wire drive and places the end of the cardboard core to the feeding hole. The core is grasped by a traction wheel and shredded. The shredded core residues are ejected from the opposite side of the shredder, relative to the feed opening.

Machine options:

  • Pull unit with possibility of lifting / lowering relative to the core
  • Overload protection on the blade block
  • Reverse (opposite pull of the core)


Outer diameter of the core, mm 80 - 180
Minimal length of the core, mm 400
Feeding speed, m/min 5
Installed capacity, kW 12,5
Weight, kg 880
Environmental conditions ~18°C, humidity 80%, environment without corrosive liquids