The machine is designed for cutting various types of adhesive tapes, spunbond, foam materials and other rolled materials. The roll is loaded manually. Other operations are performed automatically according to the parameters set on the control panel.

Roll cutter SRR-04
Machine typeautomatic
Knife typedisk knife
Max. roll diameter500 mm
Max. roll width1700 mm
Inner diameter of the core76 mm
Roll cutter SRR-04
Roll cutter SRR-04
Roll cutter SRR-04
Roll cutter SRR-04


Automatic roll cutter is designed for cutting without rewinding different kinds of adhesive materials, spunbond, insulating and foam materials. All necessary parameters (cutting width, number of cuts, knife sharpening cycle, knife feed speed, direction and speed of rotation of knife and roll) are set by the operator on the control panel. After pressing the button "Start" the roll is cut in automatic mode.

Machine options:

  • Fixation of the rolls by means of a pneumatic fixing device
  • Automatic movement of the cutting unit
  • Automatic knife feed
  • Automatic knife sharpening
  • Cooling and knife lubrication
  • Automatic or manual blade angle change
  • Hide blade: disk/serrate
  • Drive knife, it is possible to cut without knife rotation
  • Dust collecting device


Rolls width, mm up to 1700
Diameter of the rolls, mm up to 500
Inner diameter of rolls, mm 55/76
Minimal width of the finished rolls, mm 4
Tolerance of the knife positioning, mm ±0,1
Noise level under the maximal speed, dBA less than 85
Maximal installed capacity, kW 17
Pneumatic pressure, MPa 0,55 - 0,6
Power supply 3 phases, 380 V, 50 Hz