The machine is designed for cutting cardboard cores with the pneumatic knife feed. The cutting width of the model is set manually. The knife feed by pneumatic drive starts upon pressing the button. The specific feature is that the model allows cutting cores with the inner diameter up to 305 mm.

Core cutter GRM-12
Knife feedpneumatic drive
Core movementmanual
Inner diameter of the core76-305 mm
The length of the core1500 mm
Width of cutfrom 15 mm
Wall thickness of the coreup to 20 mm
Core cutter GRM-12
Core cutter GRM-12
Core cutter GRM-12
Core cutter GRM-12
Core cutter GRM-12
Core cutter GRM-12
Core cutter GRM-12
Core cutter GRM-12


The machines are designed for cutting cardboard cores on segments of various lengths.

The operator manually fixes the core on the required mandrel. The cutting step is seting. The working stroke of the knife is adjusted depending on the wall thickness of the core until it touches the caprolon mandrel, which is the bearing surface of the cut.

Model GRM-12 is equipped with a pneumatic knife unit. The movement of the knife begins after pressing the start button, the speed of movement of the knife is regulated by a hydraulic brake, and its return to its start position is regulated by the sensor of the end cutting.

This model of the machine allows cutting cores with an internal diameter from 25 to 152 mm.

Machine options:

  • Manual placement of the cardboard core
  • Pneumatic knife feed upon pressing the button
  • Knife feed speed control
  • Manual core movement
  • Manual setting of the cutting width
  • Cutting by the disk knife


The length of the core, mm 1500 (up to 2000 on request)
Minimal width of cut, mm 10
Inner diameter of the core, mm 76 - 305 (in set 76, 152, 305)
Wall thickness of the core, mm up to 20
Cutting time, seconds from 2
Weight, kg 185
Power supply 3 phases/380V, 50Hz