The machine is designed for cutting cardboard cores with the manual knife feed. On this model of machine, the cutting width is set manually, the knife feed is carried out manually. The specific feature is that the model allows cutting cores with the inner dimeter from from 25 mm.

Core cutter GRM-04R25
Knife feedmanual
Core movementmanual
Inner diameter of the core25-152 mm
The length of the core2000 mm
Width of cutfrom 10 mm
Wall thickness of the coreup to 15 mm


The machine is designed for cutting cardboard cores. An operator places the cardboard core manually, sets the width of the cut and does cutting.

This model of the machine allows cutting cores with an internal diameter from 25 to 152 mm.

Machine options:

  • Manual placement of the cardboard core
  • Manual knife feed
  • Manual core movement
  • Manual setting of the cutting width
  • Cutting by the disk knife


The length of the core, mm 2000
Minimal width of cut, mm 10
Inner diameter of the core, mm 25 - 152
Wall thickness of the core, mm up to 15
Cutting time, seconds from 2
Weight, kg 150
Power supply 3 phases/380V, 50Hz